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singapore registered address service

If you are starting a business in Singapore, you may want to register your business address with a registered address service. There are several options available, such as HeySara, Acctigo, Parker Russell, and Peninsula Plaza. Getting an address service can be a big help for getting your business established and off the ground.


If you’re in Singapore and looking to set up a business, the first step is to register your business address. It’s important to register your office address to avoid problems later. There are a few different types of registered addresses available in Singapore. You’ll need to find one that meets the requirements of the organization that is registering your business.

Registered office addresses are used by financial institutions and other legal authorities to deliver mail. It is important to remember that a registered office address must be a physical address in Singapore, not a P.O. box. In order to stay in compliance with the Singapore law, you should select an office address that’s located in the city’s central business district. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing important correspondence from the government or other entities.


When a company is established in Singapore, it is imperative to have a registered address in the city. HeySara’s registered address service provides a premium location in the city’s central business district. The office is located at Peninsula Plaza, a short walk from City Hall MRT station. The service also provides regular mail alerts.

If you own an HDB flat or other residential property in Singapore, you can use your home address as your registered office. However, you must first apply for approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Housing Development Board before using your home address as your registered office.

Peninsula Plaza

For businesses, a registered address is necessary for receiving mail from legal authorities or financial institutions. The address needs to be a Singapore physical office address and cannot be a P.O. Box. This service is available at Peninsula Plaza, which is just a few minutes’ walk away from the City Hall MRT station and a few bus stops along North Bridge Road. Moreover, it is staffed around the clock during normal business hours, making it a convenient option for businesses in Singapore.

A registered address service from Peninsula Plaza Singapore will help your business get regular mails. This address is near the city center, so you’ll be able to receive important mails with ease. You’ll also have the convenience of receiving your mail at your doorstep on a regular basis.


Rovva Singapore registered address service offers businesses a variety of virtual office addresses in the most prestigious locations in Singapore. With more than 25 locations across Singapore, Rovva’s virtual office addresses are ideal for your business needs. They also offer mailing services for your convenience. You’ll be able to send important documents to your clients and use the address on corporate stationery.

For new businesses in Singapore, a registered address can help them establish credibility. Many new companies don’t need an actual office space because they can use a residential address. However, these businesses must satisfy the requirements of the Housing and Development Board and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. A registered office in Singapore adds credibility to your business cards and other marketing materials.